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Using articles is one very versatile way to market your website. For example, you can write articles yourself and then post them on reprint directories. Making articles that you have written part of your website also helps in search engine optimization. And, best of all, anyone can write articles.

In order to begin writing, you need a subject in mind. Since the list of possible article topics is literally endless, you should start by thinking about the purpose of your article. Also, consider your potential readers. If you article is going to be posted on your website, make sure your article is of interest to the people who visit it.

Search engines index information regarding keywords in articles on the Internet. An online search that contains words found in your article will make it a search result. That means that, before writing, you want to consider which keywords your ideal reader will be searching for.

Since it can help boost the amount of traffic your website receives, posting articles on reprint directories is another great way to benefit from article writing online. These directories offer your posted articles for free to bloggers and website owners to put on their sites.

In exchange for allowing others to use your articles for free, anyone who uses your article will add a box with information “about the author” at the end of what you’ve written. Even when submitting articles to reprint directories, write about topics that would interest visitors to your website. When you write the content for the “about the author” box, which should contain a link to your website and a short auto-biography, don’t forget that you want to appeal to your target audience.

You may want to link your article to a page on your site that has similar information, rather than simply linking to your home page. For instance, if you wrote an article about bathing newborns, but your site has information on older babies, too, sending the reader to a page about a three month old may confuse them. They want more info about newborns, so steer them to that section of your site.

If you are writing about something that you are not familiar with, use the web to gather some quick information and facts. It is okay to use this as a tool to learn about a subject. However, you must take that information you have gathered and put it into your own words.

And remember – do not plagiarize someone else’s work.