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What is social marketing?

Social marketing is about a few things:

Creating backlinks that Google follows to your site.
Building HUGE friends lists that vote (as in Diggs) on your posts highly.
Adding these friends to your email newsletter / autoresponder.
Selling your products to your friends list.

Creating Backlinks With Social Marketing.

If you do not know about social bookmarking sites, it is simple. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon (owned by eBay) and Delicious (owned by Yahoo) allow their users to add your blog post to their site and then other users can vote on it.

There are 16 social bookmarking sites that do not block PageRank being returned to your site by Google. They do this in a number of ways. Mostly by the way they construct their out going links back to the originator of the blog post.

By using these sites correctly and not just spamming them trying to get a few links, you can return 100s, even 1000s of links to your site but you have to use the right ones. Digg is the top social marketing site that returns backlinks to the originator of the post.

However, think about this: If Digg has 5 million users and the average number of posts, from the Digg top 100 to the user who no longer participates is 1 post per day, that is 5 million posts per day.

How can you possibly expect that Google will see your 1 link in Digg in 5 million others as a backlink to your site. In fact if you submit your site to Digg and no one else Diggs it, I have come to feel that is a negative indicator in Google’s eyes. The worst thing you can do is submit your Digg posts yourself and then get no Diggs.

One of my friends on Social Marketing Central wrote an article that went hot on the Internet. He got like 1500 visitors in a few days and 80 comments. The bad news is that he only got 18 Diggs. Now tell me this: Don’t you think that Google, that has access to the popularity of posts on Digg just like we do, would not see 1500 visitors and 18 Diggs a negative indicator of this blog and the blog post itself?

So social bookmarking if done wrong can actually hurt you. Social marketing is about being social, so be social on social bookmarking sites, don’t just submit you own content and expect that this will bring you results.

What Is Social Marketing and What About Friends?

I value my friends lists on social sites as highly as I do my newsletter subscribers. In fact I view them as just another way of consuming and keeping up with my content. RSS subscribers, email subscribers and social site friends lists are the same thing. You just manage each one and build each one differently.

What Is Social Marketing When It Comes To Your Sales?

If you do not have your own product in some way or another you have already made the first mistake in monetizing your blog. So, if you are having problems monetizing your blog, why not think about a short report that your can offer that solves a problem that you blog niche targets?

You may see 1000s of visitors come to your site in a day and you may see none of them opt in to your email list or buy even one thing. That is just fine and here’s why.

It is not social traffic that converts, it is (get this) YOUR FRIENDS LIST. Ever read that the money is in the list? As in email list? That has been true since I started on the Internet 10 years ago and it is still true now. When you begin to look at your friends list as just as important as your email list and your RSS subscribers then you may begin to know what social marketing is about.

Social Marketing and Your Blogs Are Not About Making Money Though.

Your blogs are there to set you up as an authority on the subject you blog about.

Your blogs are there to show you know what you are talking about and add subscribers to your newsletter.

Your comments on other blogs are there to make friends and alliances with other bloggers.

Your blog posts on social bookmarking sites are there to further set you up as an authority.

The whole idea of “wherever I go, there you are” is what blogging, social marketing, social networking and web 2.0 are about.

Social marketing now means marketing by being social and that means so much more than traffic or profits.

The Bottom Line

If you pay attention, you will make sales and build lists in all these areas. If you do not then you are about to be left behind because web 3.0 is coming and coming fast.