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There must be some reason why some articles out perform others. For example you’ve got two articles side by side in an article directory and one gets download fifty times and one only twice. Was it the luck of the Gods or is there something more to it than that?

Firstly, I’m sure by now you are well aware that a headline is important when you’re working on a sales letter. What you may not be aware of is how important a headline is also to your article.

Do a quick scan through any article directory and you’ll find that some articles stand out more than others. All the articles may contain the same great content but if they’ve got a poor headline they’re never going to get read.

Anyone scanning through the titles may have remarked, (maybe not consciously but they may have remarked to themselves) “Wow if the headline of this article is that drab surely the article can’t be much better?”

So you’re probably wondering “How can you turn around the pulling power of my articles today?”

Well, I’m about to show you and no I’m not about to try to sell you a copywriting course but something that’s freely available on the internet.

If you go to you’ll find a great tool that can actually analyze your headlines and give you a percentage out of 100% of how strong it is (the closer to 100% the better the headline).

When you type in the headline you’d like to use and click the analyze button. The software checks it against 3 different things

1. Intellectual – Words that require reasoning or careful evaluation.

2. Empathetic – Words that bring out profound and strong positive emotional reactions in people.

3. Spiritual – Words which that appeal to us at a very deep emotional level.

After the software has done it’s analysis it will give you your score plus how your headline breaks down whether it has more of an Intellectual leaning or a spiritual one, etc.

For example the headline for this very article scored 33.33% out of 100% and has a perfect balance of all three things Intellectual, Empathetic and Spiritual.

Now while you might think the score is a bit on the low side on the 0-100% scale, but you’ll be surprised to discover that the majority of copywriters only fall into the 30 -40% and only the really great ones have hit 75%.

So, does it this tool work or is it just something to keep you amused and have some fun with?

Let me just say that I’ve used it on my blogs from time to time and the posts that I’ve tested with the stronger headlines (percentage scores) have always make it to the top of the popularity list.

Also, you’ll be amazed how the simple changing of ONE word in a headline can make a difference to your percentages and the potential pulling power of your article.


Look at it this way you’ve spend a lot of time writing out your articles and giving away great content so why not take that extra 5-10 minutes to give it the strongest chance of getting read and sending even more free traffic to your website.