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We’re told by some of the big names in the internet marketing game that if we really want to get a bigger audience you need to have a presence on the social marketing sites like FaceBook, MySpace, etc.

But this can cause problems with so many social bookmarking sites on the internet now it can be very easy to either

– Get overwhelmed and just give up on using them.

– Spend so much time on them that they distract you from your business and you end up getting nothing done.

But, not with Twitter.

If you don’t know what Twitter is you can find more posts on this blog about the benefits and why you should be using Twitter.

Now, you may be forgiven to think that this site is also going to take a chunk of your time also but no, there’s a plugin that I use called “Twitter Tools” that allows me to add to my Twitter Account without ever going to it.

The beauty of the Twitter Tools plugin is that when I push the “Publish” button to add my post to my blog the plugin automatically adds a Tweet to my Twitter account at exact same time with me doing anything else.

To use this plugin you’ll need to be using a “Wordpress” blog and you’ll need a Twitter account (which is very easy to set up). Just download the plugin from the Twitter Tool link above and install it to your blog.

When you first install it you’ll see this

You’ll need to put in your Twitter login details and then select which options you’d like. For example, do you want your twitter posts to come back to your blog as a post or do you want to set up a widget in your side bar made up of your twitter posts etc. See what works best for you.

So if I take this post as an example here’s this post in the admin area.

And when I push the publish button my twitter account is updated automatically

….Easy peasy!