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RSS Feeds, Link Popularity and One-way Link Building Strategies

An effective link building strategy can be achieved by utilizing RSS feeds as a way to increase link popularity. Real Simple Syndication usually referred to, as RSS is a way for websites to syndicate their content to other sites. RSS feeds and blogging make it easy to build your links into your shared content.

Every time your feed is shown on another website it counts as another one-way link to your blog. You can use RSS building software to create RSS feed on your blog (RSS Builder is freeware), however many blogging platforms already have RSS feed capability built in. You just have to enable it. Once you have done this, you will be able to submit RSS feeds. Both and one of the most popular blogging scripts WordPress have this capability already no need for extra work.

This is one of the greatest ways to syndicate your content to other sites. Building your sites link popularity couldn’t be any easier with built in RSS capability on your site. These one-way backlinks from these many different sites help build your websites link popularity, as each is in essence a vote of approval for your site.

Be Careful to Adhere to Strict RSS Validation Standards

WordPress for example also has plug-ins, which make it simple for users to add your RSS feed to their favorite RSS reader. You can find many low cost or free RSS readers and most services like My Yahoo and iGoogle along with My MSN already have this capability built in.

You need however to be careful when putting together your blog titles and watch out for their structure. A fair number of the services that allow you to reed your RSS feeds have strict adhesion to RSS Validation rules; for example My MSN will not let you import your feeds if they do not have validated titles. Characters in your title such as quotation marks, apostrophes and such will cause your titles to not validate under these rules and thus prevent a number of people from being able to receive your feed.

This can get tricky when you have a title that really screams out for an apostrophe such as “Today’s Breaking News” great for human consumption but the validator will hiccup at the apostrophe in the word “today’s.” You’ll want to avoid these kinds of things even if it is a compelling title I would suggest rewording it to say “Hot News Today” and avoid the whole headache entirely.

Blog Pinging Service Success Guide

There is a really easy way to almost automatically increase your blogs link popularity by the effective use of a blog pinging service. Now this is not to say that you don’t still have to worry about things like writing compelling content of course you will if you want them to stick around or come back. You will also want to make sure you are updating your blog often to maximize this strategy. If you are taking care of these things then a blog pinging service can do a lot to help out your blog or website get noticed by building backlinks to it.

Now when looking for a pining service you are going to want to look for a few basic things. These are a couple of the key things, you want to be able to ping multiple sites from one service. This can save a lot of time over going to each site individually and pinging them at their own site. It is important that the service pings all of the following RSS feed directories, RSS aggregators, and blog search engines such as Technorati from one simple to use form.

Another useful hint is to ping each service separately as they respond at different rates and we find you get a more complete ping of the different services. This really doesn’t take that much more time as your information is already in the form so it is fairly easy to work through the list. There are positives and negatives to all the different pinging services but the time saved and the added links will more than make it worth your while. One last note don’t think that if pinging once is good that doing it multiple times is better this is a sure way to get your site banned as a Spam site, so don’t do it.