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Social Networks such as Youtube, MySpace, Facebook, and twitter are also excellent resources to help you get traffic (did I mention FREE traffic) assisting in propelling your website traffic, with very simple, easy actions. In addition to the fact that you can get free traffic from these websites, comes the bonus that you can set up a personal or company web page on these sites for free. In just a few minutes, to under an hour, you can have a place for your brand on MySpace, Youtube, and Facebook.

I’m quite sure that you have heard all this “get free traffic” business before, but have you acted on it, and is it working for you? I would like to share a super easy cool tip with you and explain somewhat the techniques that you may need to implement. Sometimes we find ourselves doing the right thing, but our method may need to be tweaked in order to reap the promised reward.

Nobody has the time or energy to pour into more projects that will end up dry and fruitless. As we are all very busy nowadays it is important to take the shortcuts, especially when handed to us. I myself tend to be a do-it-yourselfer and that has definitely extended my time in the wilderness, circling the mountain, due to not lack of commitment, but lack of mentoring, and key pieces of the puzzle missing in my knowledge base.

It really is not necessary to pay huge amount of money to get your website to the top of the search heap. Knowledge is power and it can save you mountains of money. Some business owners pay way too much for their website services and SEO. Many times it’s because they cannot afford, timewise, to invest the dedication and focus necessary to learn the proper methods for getting FREE traffic. If only they understood that with just a little bit more skill than it takes to use email, they could build their brand, rank extremely high in the search engines… and have fun doing it!

Of course, it has taken some of us years to figure out all of these different methods to get traffic to our website, blogs, and product pages. Hopefully after today, you will have a new tip that you can very quickly absorb (it is so very easy) and implement. The sooner you implement this technique, the sooner you will see results.

I only have time today to write about one very easy method which will take just a few minutes a day. Maybe you can only find time to network using this technique several times a week. That’s okay too. Obviously the time put into it will determine the quality of your results, in your effort to get traffic to your site.

The secret is really just all about building community within the Web 2.0 social media websites. As I mentioned before, the easiest way to generate leads and to get traffic is to comment on high traffic sites winning friends and influencing people. I have an entire video course which will show you step by step how to set up a site at four of the most popular social media network sites. MySpace, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are online tools that business owners should not be without.

The benefit to getting thes tutorials is that they teach you the important, ethcial and enticing ways that you can get traffic back to your company website, blog or product page.

As of April 2008, both Facebook and MySpace is attracting around 115 million people to their respective sites each month! Free leads, unlimited connections, a free webpage – company or individual – sounds like a winner to me. You do need to understand how to get those “friends” over to your other sites and my course will lead you through the process so that you can get traffic online.  Free traffic obtained with free websites can reap enormous networking benefits far beyond the obvious monetary rewards.

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