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There is an old saying it goes something like this ‘Figures Lie and Liars figure’. While it is true that you can skew statistics anyway you want, it is also true that with properly gathered statistics you can learn a great deal about your web site traffic if you know what to look for.

Most Web Hosts will provide you with a Cpanel, where you can create E-mail Accounts, Upload Web Pages and check your stats. Most of the Cpanel’s are very similar if not identical to the one my Hosts uses.

When it is time to check my web page traffic statistics I click on Log and then Web/FTP Stats and finally AWStats. I am now presented with a List of Stats to look at. This Article will discuss

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  • This will list all of your web pages that were visited and how many times they were visited. If you have web pages about sports and you notice that your golf pages were visited the most and your Bowling pages are visited least.

    You may want to think about either how to make a bigger profit by having more golf pages. You may also want to see what you can do to make your bowling pages more popular.

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    This is a very important stat. It will tell which was the first web page each visitor saw. You should look for patterns.

    If you have been trying very hard to send traffic to your buckwheat pillow pages is it working? Are you surprised to learn that your loan page is doing well but your life insurance page isn’t? You may want to look at your pages that are performing well and see if you notice patterns that you can apply to other pages.

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    This stat tells you which was the last page each visitor saw. A good way to use this page is to do split testing. You have 10 pages about golf. You want to send your golf page visitors to a golf vacation-planning page. By creating 2 different golf vacation planning pages you can see which method link methods works best.